Current Students

Mohamad Al Khabaz (M. Eng. candidate) Rapidly Photocured and Filled Resins for Customized Earphones

Khadija Iqbal (M. Eng. candidate) Acrylonitrile-based Barrier Polymers and Anti-Bacterial Coatings

Roya Jamarani (Ph.D. candidate, co-advised with R. Leask) Green Plasticizers

Simon Kwan (M. Eng., Tech.) Block Copolymer Coatings

Adrien Metafiot (Ph.D. candidate, co-advised with P. Hubert and J.-F. Gerard) Thermoplastic Elastomers from Sustainable Sources

Zohreh Mosaferi (B.Eng., Tech.) Block Copolymer Coatings

Dany Posteraro (Ph. D. candidate, co-advised with P. Servio) Polymers for Gas Hydrate Inhibitors/Promoters

Faraz Rajput (Ph. D. candidate, co-advised with P. Servio) Block Copolymers for Gas Hydrate Inhibitors/Promoters

Surjit Singh (M. Eng. candidate, co-advised with J. Angeles) Finite-Element Modelling and Sleeve Design/Processing for Customized Earphones

Kevin Wylie (M. Eng. candidate)  Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers for Photolithography












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